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Michigan's Largest Student Pitch Competition

October 11, 2023 | Ann Arbor, Michigan

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All-Time featured speakers

Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs since 2021.

JUDGE at mes


You're not going to believe this...

What if we told you that you could earn a Do It MBA in less than 24 hours?

That's right! Our Interactive Workshop series features the world's leading experts in startups and business: sales, marketing, finance, fundraising, accounting, legal, and so much more...

And you can get once in a life time access to meet all of them in one place, here.

The Interactive Workshops are a series of highly sought after industry secrets from executives across sectors.


No matter who you are, what industry you are in, and what you thought you knew about your career and business, you are guaranteed to learn something new. 


And for those of us starting or growing businesses, you will walk away with a roadmap for how to start or scale your business in 2023.

Startup Job Fair
& Exhibition Hall

Have you ever wanted to do more with your career?

Do not be mistaken, the Startup Job Fair & Exhibition Hall is not just for students looking to land an internship or full-time job at high-growth startups. This event is also for individuals seeking a career change.


And for recruiters, this is one of the most prestigious talent pools of the year. You will surely be able to qualify highly talented individuals and even hire them on the spot!

Investors are excited to scout high-growth companies and ripe investment opportunities so they can put their money to work. 

Seriously, when are you going to get another opportunity to be surrounded by the best of the best?

Speed dating

We can make your life easier...

These days getting great advice and meeting high quality people comes at a premium. 

Most events never let you get 1:1 time with speakers because their time is so valuable. Well, that's why this event is so unique and not to be taken for granted!

Our Industry Experts, Investors and Speakers will be hosting tables for anyone to come ask a question, pitch an idea and build a connection. 

Why would our most desired people do this? Because believe it or not, these highly qualified people want to meet people like you too. People who seize the opportunity and never hesitate when preparation meets opportunity.


Because those types of people are the go-getters, the change-makers, and the money-makers that make this opportunity worth while.

So here is yours!

Keynotes & Panels

What if I told you this is your acceptance to entrepreneur ivy league academy...

Would you enroll?

Buckle up for 10+ speakers, 5+ panels and an unforgettable week exploring industries, trends, and stories from the world's startup, venture capital and private equity experts in Michigan. 

Here's your chance to receive the business education you wish your university gave you, at a fraction of the cost.

Pitch Competition

Are you an student entrepreneur hoping to win non-dilutive funding to fuel your startup?

Student Entrepreneurs & First Time Founders are eligible to compete for a $20,000 prize pool.

Venture Fund Launch

This one is for the Full-Access group only...

Accredited investors are invited to a closed door presentation by Maximize who is launching their $25M Fund, Maximize Ventures.

Whether or not you choose to invest with us and our deal flow, there is going to be billions of dollars in assets under management available for deal making.


There are only 99 tickets left...


Reserve your seat at the table today!

Award Ceremony

If you pitched at the Pitch Competition, this is when you will find out your winnings!

It does not end there...


Are you the founder of a high-growth startup hoping to win additional resources for your company?

Startups that apply to MES may be invited to apply for Maximize Venture Catalyst incubator program taking place after the competition, where successful startups like LeaseMagnets and Protein Pints launched into the market and scaled to $100k or more.

Are you a seasoned investor hoping to allocate capital?

We've pre-screened deals for you, so all you have to do is be there at Venue 4M on 10/11 from 4-5PM EST!


This is hands down the coolest startup event of the year! I don't see many events of this size specifically catered to the student founder demographic, and I am here for it!

Simone Woods

I could not believe the quality of ideas from the student entrepreneurs.

Nicole Yang

MES helped me launch my company and tell a compelling story that got me into YCombinator

Amulya Parmar

My experience has been unforgettable. Buying a ticket is the best decision I made in this year.

Suzanne Levis





How many attendees can we expect at MES2023?


What is the location of MES2023?

Venue4M, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  4-5PM EST

Who is attending MES2023?

Our event has something for everyone in the entrepreneurship scene. We are expecting a healthy mix of student founders, university professors, families, VC/PE investors, influencers, recruiters, media outlets, and intuitions.

Is this event handicap accessible?


Dress Code

Business Casual for attendees, but dressing up is welcome!

Box Office

Buy tickets at our online box office,

open seven days a week. 


Parking is available on site

however space is limited.

Coat Check

Check your jacket, purse,

or merchandise.

FOOD & beverage

Outside food and beverage are not allowed.



Detroit, MI


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